This page is a listing of useful links gathered from across the internet.  Many of these articles are specific to the Triumphs, and many are just good general purpose information.  The first section deals strictly with troubleshooting, and the balance are on specific areas such as Ignition or Carburetors.  The internet is a place marked by frequent changes, so please let us know if you encounter a broken link, or if you find a new source that would be a useful addition for our collection. 

Links in Bold are articles contributed by our members

Here is a great list of videos on basic Automotive knowledge US MechanicEDU

Trouble Shooting


Ignition System


Electrical System



Heat Control Valve Replacement


Accelerator Shaft Bearings

TR250 and TR6 Brakes:


TR250 and TR6 Carburetors:

Tuning your SUs

Part I - Theory   

Part II - Disassembly  

Part III - Reassembly 

Part IV -Testing & Troubleshooting

Adapting J Type Overdrives to Early Frames


TR250 and TR6 Tires, Steering and Suspension:




How to remove Rust

Finding Touchup Paint