The Long Island Triumph Association (L.I.T.A) was established in 1977 and is dedicated to the preservation, restoration and enjoyment of automobiles built by the Triumph Motor Company. Members share the common bond of their love of Triumph cars as well as a desire to help make this club rewarding and fun for every member. L.I.T.A. currently has a strong membership of over one hundred members, which continues to grow every year. Also, we are a recognized chapter of the Vintage Triumph Register. 

Membership in the Long Island Triumph Association is open to anyone who currently owns, had owned, or wants to own a Triumph automobile, or anyone who just loves the marque and wants to associate with people who share the same love affair. A yearly membership fee of $35.00 is required to join.

Benefits of Membership Include: 

Communication via email regarding all club events, and the ability to signup and pay for events in advance using the club's website. Members are invited to submit their articles, photos, letters to the editor, or any other items of interest for use on the website.
Subscription to the British Marque, a monthly publication for British car enthusiasts.


Club meetings are held on the 2nd Thursday of each month. The locations of the meetings varies with the seasons, and the location of each months meeting is posted on the home page of the website as well as on the club's calendar on the "LITA Events" page.  Usual meeting agendas include: discussions of upcoming events, critiques of past events, discussions pertaining to club goals and directions, and adequate time is provided for helpful discussions about restoring, repairing and maintaining our Triumphs. Coffee, soft drinks and snacks are typically provided.

Events Participation: 
Throughout the year, L.I.T.A. participates in many Triumph related events sponsored either by L.I.T.A., other car clubs or independent organizations. The Club's board attempts to rotate the events in order to keep things fresh.  Some of the more popular events are repeated every year.  Below is a sample of such events. 
  • Spring Dust-Off to a different scenic location each year 
  • Caravans to Long Island’s East End wineries, other scenic L.I. locations
  • Club barbecues and picnic 
  • Sunset Cruise
  • Greenport Parade during Greenport Maritime Festival 
  • Hudson Run 
  • Manhattan Run
  • December Holiday Party