A Google Group is a group of people who want to use email to communicate with one another.  As the group gets larger, it gets more difficult to fit everyones email address in the little "TO" box, and it becomes easier to accidentally leave someone out.  Google Groups is an easier way to manage this.  Members of the group can write a single email to the group, and it is automatically sent to everyone in that group.  You may have heard about or used Forums.  The difference with Forums is that you usually have to go visit the website to see what's happening, with Groups, new information comes to your inbox. The groups are private, so outsiders can't see what we are discussing, and outsiders can't email to us.

Weekly Announcements      

   The Weekly Announcements group is used by the Board to send you announcements on events coming up on the weekend, or any other time sensitive announcements.  All club members are automatically added to this group.  Member posts to this group are only sent to the club Officers.

Sunday Morning Cruizers      

   The Sunday Morning Cruizers is designed to encourage small groups of members to get together informally, and just drive our cars.  The idea is that you would send a message out on Friday or Saturday to everyone in this Group to let them know you would like to get together for a drive at a particular place and time.  If you have a route in mind, that would be great, if not, someone will know a few good back roads, especially if George Keith shows up.  Click on the link above to join.  To email the group, there is an email address at the bottom of it's homepage above.

Board of Directors    
   This group is limited to the Board of Directors and Officers of the club.  It is intended as a convenient way for us to discuss club business, and is not open to the general membership.