The Club has been talking about Grill badges for some time now, and we have finally decided to get it done!!

The companies that make the badges typically require a minimum purchase for a first time buy as they have setup work to do.  Once the initial order is placed, we can place additional orders for smaller quantities.  The minimum initial order is for 40 units.

So here is how this is going to work.  Below is a sample of what the badge will look like, and a description.  Below that is a signup sheet and a PayPal link.  If you are interested in a badge(s), signup and pay below.  When we hit 40, the order goes in.  If we wait a reasonable amount of time, and don't hit the 40, we will be forced to cancel the order and refund everyone's money.  So signup right away, and let's finish the driving season in style!!!  

Artist's rendition, actual product may vary

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32 Colonial Lane
Bellport, NY  11713

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