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Companies selling parts for British Sports cars    Free Triumph and MG Schematics

Insurance Information

Triumph Historical and Special Interest Sites

Related Groups and Clubs The Triumph Sports Six Club (UK)   Lots of good articles in their Technical section, see Carbs part 1-3

Good Reference material for British Cars    Good articles on the Spitfire    Good reference articles on all the Triumphs    VTR maintains a good series of articles on the Triumphs    MiataLeatherCovers1.htm Want to recover those new Miata seats?     Great article on replacing Needle Valves in your Carbs

Old Triumph Car Advertisements and other fun stuff    Mostly Spitfire, checkout their "Links" page, Hours of fun!!    European Site Dedicated to Old Advertisements     Mostly Spitfire Ads    They sell Frame-able Reproductions of Vintage Advertisements    Anyone Interested in the Triumph Mayflower?    Dedicated to Old US Marques, there was a US Triumph in the early 1900's

Ever think of the TR-3 as a vehicle of art?

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