Everyone has a few Tools or Techniques that simplify everyday shop tasks.  

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Working on cars, one inevitably runs into the classic problem of how to get the oil out of the bottle, and up into the transmission or differential.  Here’s an idea that came to me the other day, which worked beyond my expectations.  Take a length of ¼” flexible copper tubing, and bend a gentle right angle into one end.  Using a ¼” drill bit, drill a hole through the cap on the bottle.  The tubing is slightly larger than the hole and will fit snugly.  Insert the other end of the tube into the filler hole in the transmission and simply squeeze the bottle.  Since the tube reaches to the bottom of the bottle, every last drop can be pumped out in this way. 

Coated Nitrile Gloves - available at the big Home Improvement chains, I recently paid under $5 for 10 pairs.  It's a cloth glove with a Nitrile coating. They last a long time, they breathe, and you can pickup a flat washer off the floor without removing your glove.  Perfect for the garage.